Throwback to #JulianoWedding and my balling down the aisle.


We’re all pretty excited for Fall TV to come back into our lives. Thus, our final trip this summer will be down memory lane, brushing up on what happened last season on some of our favorite shows. Join us, won’t you?

On Season 5:

- Mitch and Cam proposed to each other at the same time. 


- Lily started Big Girl School 


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The San Francisco real estate market is, technically speaking, muy caliente. If you’ve looked for an apartment recently, or follow our blog, you know that rental prices have exploded and small homes sell for more than Detroit skyscrapers.

San Francisco is a beautiful place, with a bustling economy that has drawn tens of thousands of new residents over the past few years. But the supply of housing is relatively fixed as large swathes of the city aren’t zoned for the type of high density housing that could accommodate the increased demand. So the price of housing has increased.

The San Francisco Rent Explosion: Part II



I feel like in Britney’s mind she’s 65


I feel like in Britney’s mind she’s 65

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Ariel Winter (Alex from ABCs Modern Family) called out Nash Grier today and it was amazing.

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The President is answering your questions tomorrow, and it will be awesome. Tune in Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET on

You know, if you’re hip to all these things.


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